Top 10 Fire Pits, Fire Bowls and Log Racks

Here are some of our very best Fire Pits Fire Bowls Log Racks. Our list is comprised of products with various designs and features that were picked to appeal to your individual tastes! All our products are hand made from thick (2,0 – 5,0mm) high quality steel making them extremely durable, which translates to continued customer satisfaction.

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1. CookKing Fire Bowl Dubai 70cm Log Burner – £129.00

CookKing Fire Bowl Dubai Log Burner

At the top of our list comes the phenomenal fire bowl Dubai! With quite a simple design, this fire bowl can easily blend into any garden it inhabits. It is hand-made using thick steel, making it durable and long-lasting. This piece will contain natural flames and create a superb atmosphere. Everyone will want to sit or stand around and enjoy this very cosy warming feature. Explore optional extra accessories, such as grills, to enable your outdoor fire experience to be perfect every time.

2. CookKing Fire Basket Verona 60cm Dia Log Burner – £150.00

Fire Basket Verona Dia Log Burner

CookKing Fire Basket Verona 60cm is a very sturdy hand made steel outdoor log Burner that will give heat, light and a lovely ambience to evening BBQ parties, family gatherings or social events. The high quality of the basket frame guarantees its durability and makes it stand out from similar products in other ranges. It has stable footing, ensuring safety when ever in use. This product is bound to grace any garden with its presence!

3. CookKing Fire Bowl Polo 60cm Log Burner – £129.00

Fire Bowl Polo 60cm Log Burner

In third place comes the CookKing Fire Bowl Polo 60cm. This impressive feature has three steel legs, providing the natural flames with a slight elevation. It would make a great gift for keen gardeners and lovers of alfresco entertaining.

4. CookKing Fire Bowl Porto 70cm Log Burner – £155.00

CookKing Fire Bowl Porto 70cm Log Burner

The hand made CookKing Fire Bowl Porto is made with passion and care, which is evident in its flawless design. A steel ring is attached to the main bowl, creating a pleasing aesthetic that creates variation from the other designs.

5. CookKing Fire Bowl Viking 70cm Log Burner – £159.00

CookKing Fire Bowl Viking 70cm Log Burner

The CookKing Viking style Fire Bowl also makes it into the top 5 Fire Pits Fire Bowls and Log Racks. It has a unique crossing steel base along with a circular steel ring that runs under the bowl. It looks good and is very easy to use!

6. CookKing Fire Bowl Bali 60cm Log Burner – £125.00

Fire Bowl Bali 60cm Log Burner

The CookKing Fire Bowl Bali log burner is raised off the ground by three thick legs, which adds an appealing yet simple touch to the standard fire bowl.

7. CookKing Fire Stove Faro 40x40x132cm Log Burner – £249.00

 CookKing Fire Stove Faro

At number 7 is the CookKing Fire Stove Faro log burner. An eye-catching feature that provides you with the best of both worlds – somewhere to store your logs and somewhere to burn them! Keep your fire burning all through the night by topping up the flames using logs stored conveniently under the log burning area.

8. CookKing Wood Rack Daisy 80cm Dia Indoor Outdoor – £110.00

CookKing log Rack Daisy

A truly wonderful design, this CookKing Daisy log rack keeps your wood neat and tidy in a visually stylish manner. The Daisy wood rack allows the wood to stay aired off the ground and so makes it drier and easier to burn when you need it. This unusual yet practical product would make a fine gift, and can be used in both an indoor and outdoor setting.

9. CookKing Wood Rack Cornell 150cm – £120.00

CookKing log Rack Cornell 150cm

The CookKing wood rack Cornell is a rectangular shaped steel frame made for log storage. The log rack adds a little sophistication to the whole wood pile and is a wonderful extra to add to your home or outdoor garden set.

10. CookKing Laser Cut Fire Bowl Forest 80cm Log Burner – £299.00

CookKing Laser Cut Fire Bowl Forest

The CookKing Laser Cut Forest Fire Bowl showcases a spectacular forest design on its sides. Burning logs inside this fire bowl creates light that really brings to life the forestry figures, namely the bears and deer, creating an enchanting atmosphere for all those gathered around the fire.

Peri-Jayne Dela Cruz