Top 10 Bronze Nude Sculptures

FIME 27 Bronze Sculpture Nouveau Nude Male 36cm | Avant Garden Guernsey

We have carefully selected our Top 10 Bronze Nude Sculptures within our Bronze Figures collection. These fine cast nude bronze sculptures would suit all kinds of interior or exterior space. Each wonderful piece is constructed with the finest detail and precision to produce a truly beautiful end result. They are extremely high quality – completely resistant to weathering and corrosion, meaning they will last a lifetime. Find your favourite nude sculpture in our impressive shortlist…

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1. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Fountain Manneken Pis – £1029.00 

Bronze Sculpture Fountain boy pissing

He is one of the most famous fountains in Europe and lives on a small street corner just off the main Plaza in Brussels. He is a tourist attraction in his own right attracting thousands of visitors every year. In Dutch he is known as “Lil Piddler”. The original dates back to 1388 and is safely kept in a museum.

2. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Nude Lady 30cm high – £399.00 

Bronze Sculpture Nude Lady

A beautifully simple sculpture of a young nude woman, that would add grace to any home or garden. In the garden she would suit sitting next to a pond or to add some stature by sitting her on a pedestal.

3. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture David (Michelangelo) 39cm – £449.00 

Bronze Sculpture David (Michelangelo)

Michelangelo’s David is one of the most recognisable nude sculpture in the world. The original is 17 feet high and stands in Florence Italy. This superb classic sculpture is one of two of David that we have on the website, the other is larger.

4. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Nude Woman 117cm – £1725.00 

Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Nude Woman

A naked woman gently embracing herself also makes our favourite Nude Bronze Sculpture list. This fair young lady would possibly stand on a stone plinth to make her even taller or naturally on ground level.

5. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Naked Man (Rodin) 40cm – £495.00 

Bronze Sculpture Naked Man (Rodin)

Auguste Rodin was a French Sculptor and created The Naked Man Sculpture for an exhibition in Paris in 1877 and was falsely accused of having made the original by casting a living model. he vigorously denied it but benefited from the controversy.

6. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Woman Contemplating 36cm high – £415.00 

Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture of a Woman Squatting Down Thinking 36cm high

A serene naked young lady beautifully composed, she is obviously contemplating her thoughts which would add a charm and dimension to any home or garden.

7. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Nouveau Nude Male 36cm – £399.00 

Bronze Sculpture Nouveau Nude Male

In a new modern coloured finish this bronze nude male sculpture would suit a place indoors or outdoors. He has an easy gaze in a sympathetic stance and will never lose his classic style

8. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Nude Catherine 140cm high – £1585.00

Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Nude Catherine

ICatherine is tall and elegant and in a modern finish, she would look stunning near a poolside inside or out. Also have a look on the website at Anastasia, Christophe and Frederick.

9. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Thinker (Rodin) 28cm – £449.00 

Fine cast bronze nude male thinking sculpture

Rodin’s the Thinker is another true classic and we have three versions of this wonderful sculpture up to a very large size. Sitting on a rock with his head resting on his hand in deep thought. A stunning man showing great strength.

10. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Sunbathing Poolside 82cm long – £835.00 

Bronze Sculpture Modern Sunbathing Woman

To end our Top 10 Bronze Nude Sculpture list is a sublime sculpture of a naked woman sunbathing. It would look spectacular on a large patio or near a swimming pool soaking up the sun! There is also a smaller version on the website.