Top 10 BeefEater Barbecues

Top 10 BeefEater Barbecues | Avant Garden Guernsey

Prices start from £560.00

The barbecue season is almost upon us, although as I currently write this it doesn’t look like it. Here at Avant Garden Guernsey we are making your summer a little bit more tastier with our Top 10 BeefEater Barbecues list. Cooking on the barbecue is an art form,mastered over many summers in the intense heat of the sun. Some lose their way in the clouds of smoke while only a handful emerge from the fierce flames triumphant. Prevail this summer with these top 10 BeefEater Barbecues, you simply can’t go wrong.
All prices include delivery within mainland UK. So sit back and relaxed until the lorry turns up and the gates to heaven open, look in awe at your new barbecue being wheeled out.

1) BeefEater Discovery Gas Barbecue 1000R Series 3 Burner Trolley £595.00

Code BD47332

Beefeater Discovery 1000R Series Top 10 BeefEater Barbecues

2) BeefEater BUGG Gas Barbecue Black £435.00

Code BB49226

BB49226 Beefeater Gas Barbecue BUGG Black | Avant Garden Guernsey

3) BeefEater Discovery Gas Barbecue 1100E Series 4 Burner £995.00

Code BD47842

Beefeater Discovery 1100E Series 5 Burner BBQ with Stainless Steel Cabinet with Side Burner

4) BeefEater Discovery Gas Barbecue 1100S Series 5 Burner £1,715.00

Code BD47950

BeefEater Barbecue Discovery 1100S BD47940 Open 1 | Avant Garden Guernsey

5) BeefEater Signature Gas Barbecue S3000E Series 4 Burner £1,615.00

Code BS19242

Beefeater Signature S3000E 4 Burner BS19242 Stainless Steel BBQ & Designer Side Burner Trolley

6) BeefEater Discovery Gas Barbecue 1100E Outdoor Kitchen 4 Burner Was £1,400.00 Now £1,260.00

Code BD79542

Beefeater BD79552 Discovery 1100E Gas Barbecue Outdoor Kitchen 5 Burner Complete

7) BeefEater Discovery 1100E 5 Burner BUILT IN £675.00

Code BD16252

Beefeater Discovery 1100E Series??5 Burner BUILT IN BBQ (Barbecue Only)

8) BeefEater Discovery Gas Barbecue 1100S Outdoor Kitchen 5 Burner Was £2,310.00 Now £2,079.00

Code BD79650

Beefeater Discovery Gas Barbecue 1100S Series Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen 4 Burner Complete

9) BeefEater BIGG BUGG Gas Barbecue Amber £560.00

Code BB722AA

Beefeater Gas Barbecue BIGG BUGG Amber BB722AA

10) BeefEater Signature Gas Barbecue SL4000S 6 Burner £4,250.00

Code BS30060

Beefeater Signature SL4000S Series 6 Burner Barbecue & "Drawer" Side Burner Trolley

Ben Rigby