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CookKing Wood Rack Daisy 80cm

CookKing Wood Rack Daisy 80cm is a wonderful item to add to your outdoor garden set. And would make a fine gift if you want to find something unusual, practical, handmade & of high quality. In addition with the quality being sturdy it comes at a very reasonable price.
For example the special range of wood racks & screens add a little sophistication to the whole wood pile. For instance the wood racks keep the wood neat & tidy as well as extremely stylish visually. Consequently allowing the wood to stay aired off the ground so drier & easier to burn when you need it. Because the fire screens can be used inside or out. They can for instance close off an area incase the fire may spit a little. Also keeps a safe barrier for children and pets.

The CookKing Fire Bowls

are hand made in Poland. Steel outdoor fire bowls that will give heat light & a superb atmosphere to evening barbecue parties. In addition Family gatherings or social events will be lifted by this ambient feature. Creating for example a very cosy warming feature that everyone will want to sit or stand around & enjoy. Always a great talking point, because natural flames in such a contained piece will always be a winner.

And it is a brand new quality range, that has been developed over the past 30 years. In addition using quality materials producing long lasting items for the home and garden. Consequently the years of experience & constant drive to develop. Has produced a comprehensive range that will last for many years. For instance giving hours and hours of pleasure.
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Because all of CookKing branded products are hand made with passion and care. Using thick steel 2,0 – 5,0mm guarantees the quality rarely found in products in similar ranges. Consequently translating to long life and customer satisfaction with every purchase.
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The range of fire bowls is without doubt a very varied mix with substantial & stable footing. For example to ensure safety when ever in use. Also with optional extra accessories to enable your outdoor fire experience to be adequate every time. And a joy & a pleasure to use. In addition with grills for barbecue cooking, pots for goulash or stewing. And new interactive flat plate rings for more experimental cooking as well as guards to protect little fingers.
Some designs in addition have beautiful intricate laser cut designs. While others for instance are very simple plain bold designs. And very highly durable & easy to use, these will grace any garden or terrace adding a fine ambiance.

Garden Stoves

The very exciting collection of garden stoves with simple clean designs & also some quite exotic designs. For example making a welcome addition & make a great gift for the keen gardeners. And lovers of alfresco family entertaining. For instance perfect for small or large gardens making cosy evenings where ever they are placed. And a front opening fire and chimney top opening with a sturdy base shape to keep the weight at the bottom. Consequently making a super simple safe attractive piece of garden hardware that will last and last.