Top 10 Bronze Sculpture Christmas Gifts

Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Sleeping Cat Sculpture

We have a wide selection of the highest quality fine cast Bronze Sculpture Christmas Gifts, which has made it difficult to select our favourite 10 bronze sculptures! Nevertheless, we have narrowed it down to show you the very best of our collection! With designs to suit every interior or exterior space, each wonderful piece is constructed with the finest detail and precision to produce a truly beautiful end result. Every timeless figure, sculpture and ornament is completely resistant to weathering and corrosion, meaning they will last a lifetime.

1. Fine Bronze Sculpture Fountain Jumping Koi Carp Fish Water Feature – £359.00

Bronze Jumping Koi Carp sculpture gift

This marvelous verdigris water fountain could be easily placed in a pond amongst water lilies and reeds or alternatively over a sump as seen in this photo where the water just circulates through a decking, pebbles or gravel. Lighting could be fixed also to give an evening display to entertain dinner guests. The pressure of water spurting out would depend on the size of pump that you put with it. This is always one of the most popular water features for a real garden treat.

2. Fine Bronze Fountain Sculpture Turtle Water Feature – £259.00

Turtle Bronze Sculpture Christmas Gifts water feature

An aquatic garden would not be the same without a turtle, this chap has got really well defined detail, you would imagine his legs were real. He would be happy sitting on the edge of any garden pond, maybe perched on a rock to give a more height and allow the water to drop giving a more rounded sound. He would be a real treat to open as a gift that will last forever.

3. Fine Bronze Sculpture Stag Doe – £465.00 

Stag and Doe Bronze Sculpture gift

To give a true highland or moorland feel, this gift oozes the great outdoors. These magnificent animals always catch everybody’s eyes and this sculpture is definitely a classic. The Stag and Doe would look very well placed in a country manor or hall, adding a suitable ambiance with a note of earthiness. A perfect gift for a country gentleman.

4. Fine Bronze Fountain Sculpture Dragon Water Feature – £215.00 

Dragon water feature bronze sculpture Christmas gift

Always a popular choice and a perfect addition for smaller ponds or water features, this Dragon Water Fountain will spurt out water instead of fire creating a mystical wonderous atmosphere. This Dragon will be loved and adored for years and years and will become an important member of your family. All of our water features are easy to fix to a pump and will give you so many hours of pleasure.

5. Fine Bronze Sculpture Fountain Girl Dog Umbrella – £485.00 

Bronze girl with umbrella sculpture, Christmas gift

What more could be more enchanting, than a beautiful young bronze girl fountain with her little dog by her side sheltering under the umbrella. This very attractive sculpture can be a trip down memory lane bringing back lovely memories of fun family days of yesteryear. Everyone loves this piece.

6. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Pug Dog – £375.00

Pug dog sculpture Christmas gift

A gorgeous lovely characterful fun Pug Dog Sculpture for all Pug lovers, these super fun dogs with real little identities whether as little angels or naughty monkeys. This sculpture would look superb inside any home in a special place or outside in the garden. It could be placed on a plinth to give a higher standing, or in a rockery peaking out of the bushes… he might give the neighbors cat a fright!!

7. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Sleeping Cat – £115.00 

Sleeping cat sculpture Christmas gift

If you want to find the most comfy seat in the house look for the cat, cats are known for needing at least 12 hours of sleep a day and then relaxation for the rest. A superb gift for all cat lovers, as a cat lover I know you can never have enough cats around you. A very loving thoughtful gift for the one you love.

8. Fine Cast Bronze Piglet Sitting Sculpture 29cm high – £485.00 

Pig Sitting Sculpture Bronze Christmas gift

What a prize piglet, and what a lovely surprise it would be as a gift to open. Great expression and a great stance. Perfect as a friendly face to welcome everyone at the front or back door… what could be more fun. It would be the envy of all of your friends and a great talking point and a new member of the family. A gift that will last forever.

9. Fine Bronze Fountain Sculpture Frog Verdigris Water Feature – £255.00 

Verdigris Frog water feature Christmas gift

We have a wonderful selection of frogs and toads and so to place any one in the top ten is not easy but this one is really a warty toad with a big fat body and a good character. He will happily spurt water into your pond for many years to come adding a fabulous ambiance. He has a nice verdigris finish which always gets even better over time, we think that anyone receiving this chap for Christmas will be over the moon as he is a glorious toad and will simply last forever.

10. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Traditional Doorbell Large – £105.99

Fine cast Bronze Traditional Doorbell

A door bell is always a great gift as it is the first thing visitors and guests encounter when they come to your home. To have a lovely fully bronze quality door bell will ring out with a confidence you will come to appreciate more and more as time goes on. For certain everyone will comment on what a nice doorbell you have. This is a classic piece and as well as being a superb gift will add charm and grace to every home entrance, a perfect gift of quality and practicality.

Peri-Jayne Dela Cruz