Top 10 Bronze Lovers Sculptures Christmas Gifts

Here, we display our finest Bronze Lovers Sculptures Christmas Gifts. A beautiful Bronze Lovers Sculptures are the ultimate way to say I love you this Christmas. The Top 10 shown here are only a small selection from our extensive ranges, we hope you like our Top 10 Collection. The one thing to remember is that any of our Bronze Sculptures will last forever inside your home or outside in the garden and will be remembered as a truly loving gift.

1. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture New Drop 24cm – £349.00

Couple holding hands bronze sculpture gift

The New Drop Sculpture 24cm is of an enchanting couple holding hands and showing the shape of a heart. This Bronze Sculpture really oozes love and happiness, by the way this lovely sculpture is also available in a larger size.

2. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Lovers Embrace 20cm – £399.00 

Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Modern Lovers Embrace

How beautiful this Bronze Sculpture is, two naked people in a loving embrace. This simple and natural pose is easy on the eye and very serene, easily placed indoors as a gift to be visually enjoyed and also able to be placed outdoors that can endure all.

3. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Modern Lovers 48cm – £449.00 

Bronze Sculpture Modern Lovers

A perfect Christmas Gift for the one you love that is tactile, modern and slim in design that will ideally stand on a plinth or pedestal to give it even more height and stature. A very demure sculpture that will help to add more romance into your Christmas, a perfect gift to be opened on Christmas morning.

4. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Modern Lovers kissing 55cm – £525.00 

Bronze Sculpture Modern Lovers kissing

A larger Bronze Loving Sculpture to help show how much you love and cherish your partner. This Bronze Sculpture has a more modern abstract finish but still gives out the same message. This Bronze Sculpture will last forever which is true sentiment for lovers everywhere.

5. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Abstract Lovers 30cm – £199.00

Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Abstract Lovers

This stylish Bronze Sculpture is also in our Top 10 further down in a larger size, either can be placed inside your home or in a chosen spot in your garden. This very attractive unusual design is sure to be loved by the lucky recipient. We also have a superb selection of pillars and pedestals.

6. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Abstract Lovers 34cm – £249.00

Bronze lovers sculpture Christmas gift

We’re halfway through our impressive Bronze Lovers Sculptures Christmas Gifts. We hope you are liking them.

7. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Modern lovers – £495.00

Couple in love sculpture

Another wonderful piece of loving art in a modern abstract form. Our Bronze Collection has so much to choose from and will suit many different tastes, take some time to peruse our Bronze Collection at your leisure.

8. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Abstract Loving Couple – £275.00 

Christmas gift sculpture couple embracing

A beautiful sympathetic Bronze Sculpture with a nice slim outline, but no one can mistake the message of love. Another beautiful gift to give to the one you love, and a gift that will last forever

9. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Abstract Lovers 80cm – £875.00 

Abstract couple sculpture Christmas gift

Such an elegant and understated Bronze Sculpture, very individual and classically modern. This larger Bronze Sculpture could stand alone or look stunning on a simple narrow tall plinth.

10. Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture Modern Harmony 45cm – £299.00 

Bronze Sculpture Modern Harmony Christmas gift

Harmony in this new size is proving to be as popular as it’s larger sibling, this modern depiction of two lovers is so charming. It could also be placed on a pedestal and with an uplighter will show it’s true shape even at night. A perfectly gorgeous Christmas Gift for your love.

Peri-Jayne Dela Cruz