Men’s Top 10 3D Metal Wall Art

MEAR 55 3D Metal Wall Art Jeep Sculpture Avant Garden Guernsey

Get ready to be blown away by our finest selection of vehicle and sports 3D Metal Wall Art. Be unique and surprise your loved one with the perfect 3D gift this Christmas! All of our Metal Art is handcrafted and individually finished to a high standard. They are completely made up of iron and can be used as wall art within your home, porch or as a fine feature to decorate a workshop, garage space or den. Make sure to view some of the videos below to get a real feel of what the 3D Wall Art looks like in person.

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1. 3D Metal Wall Art Amber Coloured Motorbike Painting – £315.00 

Watch the video and be wowed by the fine details and impressive craftsmanship of this motorbike 3D art. The 3D element of this painting really brings the art to life and the subtle amber colour allows the motorbike to blend into any surrounding. An absolute must for motorbike lovers!

2. 3D Metal Wall Art Willy Jeep Painting – £179.00 

3D Metal Wall Art US Army Jeep Sculpture

Reminisce of the allies triumph in WW2 with this spectacular 3D Army Jeep. A bold painting of a classic military vehicle.

3. 3D Metal Wall Art Vintage VW Bus Painting – £299.00 

A fabulous 3D painting of a VW bus complemented by a loving couple staring into the sunset. Perfect for anyone who loves traveling, especially couples who love to go away together.

4. 3D Metal Wall Art Porsche Painting – £275.00 

3D Metal Wall Art Porsche Sculpture The iconic Porche design is superbly emulated into this 3D wall art piece. It has an appealing dark blue colour and features a “turbo” number plate, making it a wonderful purchase for luxury- and speed-loving motorists!

5. 3D Metal Wall Art Farmyard Vintage Red Tractor – £315.00 

The Farmyard Vintage Red Tractor Painting makes it into our top 5 3D Metal Wall Art. It has a rustic, traditional look.

6. 3D Metal Wall Art VW Bus 2 Painting – £299.00

3D Metal Wall Art VW Bus Sculpture

The red VW bus is an archetypal representation of traveling and exploration! If you like to hit the road and tour new places, this would make a wonderful addition to your home.

7. 3D Metal Wall Art F1 Painting – £179.00 

3D Metal Wall Art F1 Racing Car Sculpture

The red F1 racing car is a symbolic representation of the F1 sport itself. It has a streamlined and flawless design that creates unmatched speeds. An excellent painting for any racing fan!

8. 3D Metal Wall Art Tour de France Painting – £299.00 

3D Metal Wall Art Tour de France Sculpture

The Tour de France in action! Have your very own unique display of one of cyclings most prestigious events, remarkably made to show riders faces and body motions.

9. 3D Metal Wall Art Rowers Painting – £299.00

3D Metal Wall Art Rowers Sculpture

A 3D wall art piece of rowers demonstrating the ultimate display of teamwork. The contrasting colours of the rower’s yellow vests and the dark sky and ocean create a visually stimulating and empowering work of art.

10. 3D Metal Wall Art Jeep Painting – £299.00 

3D Metal Wall Art Jeep Sculpture Another Jeep painting makes it into our favourite 3D Metal Wall Art. Full of cargo and mastering the rugged terrain, it clearly showcases the Jeeps first-class functionalities.