D146 Archipelago Handcrafted Wooden Bird Sculpture Godwit Block Fair Traded

D146 Archipelago Handcrafted Wooden Bird Sculpture Godwit Block Fair Traded | Avant Garden Guernsey

Archipelago Handcrafted Wooden Bird Sculpture Godwit Block Fair Traded:

This Archipelago Handcrafted Wooden Bird Sculpture Godwit Block Fair Traded Would be a great addition to any home as a lovely decorative piece, and would be a great gift for any occasion. Godwits are a group of large, long-legged and strongly migratory waders. The long bills of the Bird Sculpture Godwit Block allow them to probe deeply in the sand for aquatic worms and molluscs. They frequent tidal shorelines, breeding in northern climates in summer and migrating south in winter. In their winter range, they flock together where food is plentiful. A female bar-tailed godwit holds the record for the longest non-stop flight for a land bird.
Code D146
Size 60cm Long
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Archipelago Birds:

British Design and innovation in mind are at the core of Archipelago.
Avant Garden has been selling Archipelago Wooden Birds, Fish and associated Sculptures for 16 years when Nick first opened the doors of Avant Garden on March 17th 2000. Nick has always been very keen on wildlife in general and so to see the range at Archipelago, was a must for him to sell them in the shop.
Archipelago has a very strong ethic which has helped to make the brand very strong. The product portfolio has changed over the years to accommodate new exciting Sculptures, but with the quality of each item being so high and the care and attention given by the Sculptors being so incredibly accurate, they go from strength to strength. Click here to view the Archipelago Oceanlife Fish

Archipelago has always been a strong supporter of Fair Trading and has built up and kept very good long term lasting relationships with all of the Carvers and Sculptors and the standards of the Fair Trade Policy is always monitored. From when the first sketches are drawn up, photos of real birds and fish etc. are taken, to the creation and then to the final product the design team at Archipelago work directly with the skilled Carvers and Sculptors to bring you a piece of art that is unrivalled in the market place.
Because these Birds and Fish are Fair Traded it also means that the numbers are always limited, so you will never see Archipelago Sculptures mass produced and in the big stores. Thus keeping them an exclusive and beautiful Collection.
Archipelago has now grown to be a Design Label, recognized now for both interiors and exteriors with the addition of the new Metal Birds. Click here for the full range of Archipelago Metal Birds
All of the core carved sculptures carry Fair Trading and story labels as well as the branding logo which gives customers the additional reassurance that they are buying a truly genuine Archipelago product.

Nick Martel