Sheepskin Quad Rug Long Wool Luxe


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Sheepskin Quad Rug Long Wool Luxe:

nThe Sheepskin Quad Rug is carefully made using only long pile for extra cosiness. Four sheepskin sewn together, end-to-end. Our handmade super comfy, 100% natural Sheepskin, uses only the finest quality Sheepskin, the ultimate home showstopper.nnSize: 180cms x 100cmsnColour: Optional (See below)nnFree Delivery, approximately 4 weeks within UK


nThese beautiful Long Wool Luxe skins are the ultimate in luxury, easy to maintain with a real WOW factor, To refresh the fluffiness, use a fine cat hair brush from your local pet shop, this de mats the hairs from constant use, making it good as newnAs this is a 100% natural product, we recommend that you use professional cleaning with special wool foam only. NEVER use Bleach on skins. Due to the fact each item is manufactured from natural materials, size and colour may vary slightly from the photos. Some light shedding of hair may also occur with this product, that is totally normal. Our Sheepskin large bean bag is delivered filled with a virgin expanded polystyrene bead, this material will compress over time and will require replacement beans. Replacement beans can be purchased online or at most haberdashery stores. All of our beanbags come with a zip to access the fill liner.n


nThere are 4 Colour options, none of the beanbags will match exactly to the photos as they are all natural products.nnnn 


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