Cowhide Beanbag Luxuriously Large 10 Panel Tricolour


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Cowhide Beanbag Luxuriously Large 10 Panel Tricolour:

This Cowhide Beanbag Tricolour uses a strong double Velcro along the base to hold the contents. The Cowhide Beanbag is amply filled with beans to give you complete support and comfort making this the most comfortable seat in the house. Made of 10 Panels, it is a very large Beanbag.nnReal cowhides make the most stunning and hardwearing interiors. A by-product of the food industry, every skin is an individual. Hand Made, Luxuriously large, this beanbag is made from a natural product, each item may vary from the photos shown for the product listing. The most stunning of all of the eye catching range of bean bags. The colour mix is so very rich making this a truly outstanding piece for any home giving real comfort and true style.nnSize: D87 x H100cm to tip (10 Panel Ex Large)nColour: Tricolourn


nWash as you might if you were taking your cow to an agricultural show, use warm soapy water or even vanish. NEVER Bleach on cowhide because all the hides are professionally tanned and treated with glycerine which makes them supple to the touch. This means they will never crack and have a beautiful sheen to them. The coating also stops shedding of hairs and means they will not be attractive to bugs like other cheaper, untreated, skins might be.n


nThere are 4 Colour options, non of the Cowhide Beanbags match exactly to the photos as they are all natural products.nn

nnFree Delivery, Approximately 4 weeks within UK.nn nn


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