Gas Barbecue Grill Montreux 570 G Outdoorchef Black £575.00

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Gas Barbecue Grill Montreux 570 G Outdoorchef Black

Gas Barbecue Grill Montreux 570 G Outdoorchef Black
The Grilling surface is 54cm.
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Gas, Charcoal & Electric Kettle Grills come with their own unique funnel system. Which for example does not allow for flames and flare ups. Also it is designed so that the fat never touches a naked flame. You can therefore enjoy safe, relaxing outdoor grilling experiences every time. What makes them for instance the best outdoor cooking system. Is because they have two funnel. One large & one small also two burners one large & one small that sit below the funnels. The small funnel actually sits only in one position & has no need to move. The large funnel in fact can be flipped either way depending on the style of cooking you are wishing to do. The Outdoorchef Kettle Grills can actually heat up to 400′ degrees centigrade in only a few minutes. This therefore heats up the funnels to such an extent. Fats & drips will then vaporise & any excess is forced by gravity downwards into the fat tray below.

For example in grilling mode all of the elements of conventional barbecuing are present but without the flare-ups. So for instance this means you can also cook & grill with the lid closed. This way you will actually be using the convection heat from the kettle. Indeed as well as the heat from the burner beneath the food. So in fact you don’t need to stand over the food while watching, waiting & turning your food. Your grilled food will in fact be cooked perfectly evenly every single time. In addition all the way round & in the centre too. It will however cook your barbecue food in a fraction of the time of normal conventional grills & barbecues. This means in fact Outdoorchef Gas Kettle Grills have a much smaller carbon foot print than other comparable gas grills.


Setting the heat gauge to about 360′ degrees centigrade you can place your various sausages burgers etc on the grill. And leave them for around 5 minutes whilst you get on with whatever you want to. For example preheat the Kettle to the required heat ready for which ever style of barbecuing you are going to do. Whether it is for instance roasting, grilling, baking, steaming, saute. In addition Outdoorchef Grills will produce the best pizza in only a few minutes. Also grilling fish over the skillet will mean you never have a fishy smell in your kitchen. And it is easy to steam your vegetables too, with the easy range of accessories.

Turning or flipping the large funnel over into the volcano shape focuses the heat into the centre of the kettle. So now you can use your Outdoorchef Barbecue to Wok or Cast Iron Griddle as well as Skillet. Also using the very direct, very focused heat from the burner below it is perfect for these styles of cooking. Therefore in no time you will be experimenting with all kinds of fun and tasty meals.

At the base the small burner will slow roast for you at a lower heat of between 100-120 degrees. So you can slow roast a huge family joint or Christmas lunch & leave it to do it’s own thing. just check on the time.

In addition the main components in an Outdoorchef Gas, Charcoal or Electric Grill are of quality Porcelain Enamel. These are the bowl, lid, large and small funnel, the large burner. Because Porcelain Enamel is a baked sealed jacket which means that the metal cannot rust or corrode.

Also easy to clean straight after cooking with a damp cloth. And any stubborn bits you can use an Outdoorchef brass brush. Therefore not to damage the enamelling. There are also now over 40 various accessories to choose from. Adding to your collection & make great gifts for the chef of the house.

Nick Martel