Ornate Garden Armillary Sphere Sundial Sculptures

Armillary Sphere Sundial Solid Bronze Sculpture Collection Mix 3 | Avant Garden

Ornate Garden Armillary Sphere Sundial Sculptures

We have a wide range of Ornate Garden Armillary Sphere Sundial Sculptures to choose from. For example they vary in size from small to very large. With a wide range to choose from in mediun garden sizes.
All of the main selection suit any garden, and the setting can be enhanced by placing yours on one of our Chinese Limestone Pedestals.
We currently have an offer whereby for instance if you buy a Bronze Sculpture, including any of the Armillary Sphere Sundials. You may purchase a Chinese Limestone Pedestal at HALF the normal price.

All of the Avant Garden Bronze Collection carry a full Guarantee against rust & Corrosion.
Your Armillary Sphere Sundial will last forever in your garden in any weather conditions
In addition these wonderful garden ornaments add symmetry, which consequently is often the centre of English Garden landscapes.
Setting up your Armillary Sundial Bronze Sculpture 30cm
Place it in a light sunny area and position it so that the gnomon (the centre bar with the arrow) casts no shadow at exactly 12 noon and is facing true north. This will have to be checked frequently as with seasonal variations. Make sure that your Armillary sits on a flat level horizontal surface.

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Nick Martel