Archipelago Wingspread Cormorant Bird Wooden Sculpture Fair Traded £199.00

D271 Archipelago Cormorant Wingspread Wooden Bird Sculpture 1 | Avant Garden

Archipelago Wingspread Cormorant Bird Wooden Sculpture Fair Traded:

This Archipelago Wingspread Cormorant Bird Wooden Sculpture Would be a great addition to any home. For example a lovely decorative piece for interior design. In addition it would be a great gift for any bird lover or coastal dweller.
The Cormorant is for instance a large and conspicuous water bird. For example the Cormorant has almost a primitive appearance with its long neck making it appear almost reptilian. In addition it is often seen standing with its wings held out to dry. As a result they are supreme fishers.
The UK holds internationally important wintering numbers.
Archipelago Cormorant Wingspread Bird Wooden Sculpture
Size 57cm high
Code D271

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Archipelago Birds:

British Design and innovation in mind are at the core of Archipelago
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Archipelago has a very strong brand and product portfolio, and they passionately believe that producing unique interior and outside products lies at the heart of their business.
All of their hand carved products are made from sustainable woods giving an authentic and highly individual character which is instantly recognizable.


is a huge supporter of Fair Trading and they make sure to maintain strong relationships with their carvers to ensure their fair trade policy is kept to, continually monitoring it. From the sketches to the final product our design team work directly with skilled carvers and sculpture who are specialised in managing the whole creative process
Avant Garden has been selling Archipelago Wooden Birds, Fish and associated Sculptures for 16 years when Nick first opened the doors of Avant Garden on March 17th 2000. Nick has always been very keen on wildlife in general and so to see the range at Archipelago, was a must for him to sell them in the shop.


for instance has a very strong ethic which has helped to make the brand very strong. For example the product portfolio has changed over the years to accommodate new exciting Sculptures. But with the quality of each item being so high. In addition the care and attention given by the Sculptors being so incredibly accurate, they go from strength to strength. Click here for the full range of Archipelago Metal Birds

Nick Martel