Top 10 Archipelago Birds Christmas Gift Ideas

Archipelago Birds Christmas Gift Ideas, Archipelago Puffin Birds Wooden Sculpture. Two Puffin birds with their characteristic black and white underparts, distinctive black head with large pale cheeks and a tall, flattened, brightly coloured bill

Archipelago Birds Christmas Gift Ideas are Handcrafted Wooden Fair Traded products from sustainable woods, created by skilled carvers and sculptors who have had a long and strong relationship with Archipelago. The Archipelago birds have shape, colour and intricate features that accentuate their real-life characteristics. The following Archipelago birds are some of the best of our impressive collection and will no doubt make a rewarding Christmas Gift for anyone lucky to receive one!

1. Archipelago Dunlin Flock Birds Wooden Sculpture – £162.95

Archipelago Birds Christmas Gift Ideas, Dunlin Flock.

Our number one and most highly recommended Archipelago Birds Christmas Gift Idea is the beautiful Archipelago Dunlin Flock Birds Wooden sculpture. Made up of 6 birds, each individual bird is unique and demonstrates a different motion in the flight process. The wings of each bird are either extended or tight and positioned upwards or downwards at various degrees. The beaks and heads of the birds face different directions, which further helps to visualise the movement and motives of the birds as if they were in actual flight! The Dunlin flock would make the perfect Christmas gift idea and is bound to make a wonderful addition to any household.

2. Archipeligo Puffin Birds Wooden Sculpture – £82.99 

Archipelago wooden Birds Gifts , Puffin Birds

In second place comes the Archipelago Puffin Birds Wooden Sculpture. This item showcases the unique and wonderful features of one of the worlds favourite birds. The clown markings that make the puffin such a recognisable bird are showcased clearly in the wooden sculpture. This pair of amazing bird sculptures on one block are sure to bring a smile to every ones faces, and will be a talking point between family and friends for years to come.

3. Archipelago Avocet Fishing Bird Wooden Sculpture – £63.99 

Avocet fishing sculpture gift, Archipelago bird

The Archipelago Avocet fishing bird also makes the top 3 and is the perfect display of hunting for food! This stunning bird has become one of the success stories in British bird conservation as it’s numbers have grown quite dramatically since mid way of the last century. To such a degree it is the proud emblem of the RSPB and can be seen for real along the coast of England, Scotland and also breeding in wales. With the pied plumage markings and the long slightly upturned bill, this makes for a very eye catching ornament for any bird enthusiast.

4. Archipelago Bird Double Little Owl Wooden Sculpture – £107.99 

Christmas gift ideas, Double Little Owl

These two owls perched on a wooden stump make a very captivating decorative piece. All lovers of Owls or birds of prey will be delighted to have this magnificent large sculpture as a gift. In these lovely natural blended colours, this will sit very well in any interior design scheme. To get to this standard of finish, the talented sculptors carefully take each of these birds through seven phases of painting and sanding to reach what has to be the most delicate and attractive wooden birds you can find.

5. Archipelago Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird Chick Wooden Sculpture – £47.99

Christmas gift idea, Archipelago Woodpecker Bird Chick Wooden Sculpture

A wonderful sculpture of a woodpecker feeding her chick also makes our top 5 Archipelago Birds Christmas Gift Ideas. An easy gift for anyone to give and a delightful gift for anyone to receive. With the little chick poking it’s head out for food makes it simply enchanting and will have everyone captivated.

6. Archipelago Wooden Birds Hand Carved Plover Block – £62.99 

Bird sculpture Christmas gift idea, Plover block

The trio of Plover Birds is always in our Top 10 and is a perennial favorite. A very easy sculpture to place within your home, and with subtle yet bright colours and in the arrangement that they are placed, it is easy to imagine the little birds scurrying along the waters edge. A lovely and beautiful medium sized sculpture.

7. Archipelago Curlew Fishing Wooden Bird Sculpture – £62.99 

Bird fishing sculpture, wooden Archipelago Curlew

This gorgeous medium sized bird The Curlew is often seen all around the coastline of the UK and has also a very distinctive call. They tend to stay in groups and are nicely camouflaged with their beautiful soft brown plumage, merging into the varying seaweed that lie on the sandy shoreline. This elegant Curlew Sculpture with it’s long thin legs and down turned bill fishing will add a nice ambiance to any interior home design.

8. Archipelago Bird Knot Block Wooden Sculpture – £99.95 

Knot Block Archipelago bird Christmas gift

The Knot Block Wooden Bird Sculpture is another interior designers dream and everyone should be delighted to receive such a lovely charismatic gift. With the wonderfully blended colour tones this beautiful trio can adorn any home and give an uplifting charm with the warmth and brilliant eye for detail. Truly a fabulous gift to be treasured and admired.

9. Archipelago Bird Gannet Preening Wooden Sculpture – £107.95 

Gannet Preening Hand Carved wooden sculpture gift

Another remarkable piece of workmanship by the immensely talented sculptors, these large birds of the sea can dive faster than any other bird and live in colonies for breeding. Their skulls are designed to cope with the very fast speed in which they hit the water when diving for fish, they literally look like arrows being shot into the sea. This Gannet Preening Sculpture really shows off the true colours and details and will add true style and grace to any room. We also have two other designs of Gannet which are all equally divine.

10. Archipelago Bird Greenshank Block Hand Carved – £89.99

Greenshank Archipelago Bird Hand Carved gift

Finally, the Greenshank Block is quite exquisite in it’s design and shows off these birds beautifully. Their sheer elegance and grace will be a certain eye catcher and the envy of friends and visitors. A perfect gift which will surely get a gasp of surprise and delight upon being opened. This very fine sculpture will always find a place in any home with it’s easy on the eye colours and beautiful attention to detail.

Fine Bronze Sculpture Stag 6ft

Fine Bronze Sculpture Stag Avant Garden Guernsey

Fine Bronze Sculpture Stag Standing Statue:

Watch out for this fabulous stag in this weeks “Gentlemen’s” edition of Country Life Magazine
This lovely Fine Bronze Sculpture Stag would make a stunning addition to a large garden, pride of place overlooking pasture or woodland. He has magnificent antlers and stands tall at 6′ high.
He comes thickly bound in lots of twisted paper and then plastic wrapping then secured carefully inside a wooden crate so he cannot move, He can easily be shipped internationally.
He is very stable as all four feet stand firmly on the ground. It is possible to also have a Doe and a Fawn. In some cases two Stags are more the order to give a more impressive impression. Bronze never rusts or decays so these Bronze Sculpture Deer Stag will last forever. Orders now being taken for Christmas delivery.
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Size 181 x 94 x 120cm
Delivery FREE within 2 weeks to UK
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History of Bronze:

Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12% tin and often with the addition of other metals (such as aluminium, magnesium, nickel, or zinc) and sometimes non-metals or metalloids such as arsenic, phosphorus or silicon. Bronze was significant to any culture that encountered it. Tools Weapons, armour and various building materials like decorative tiles made out of bronze were harder and more durable then their stone or copper predecessors. The earliest tin-alloy bronzes date to the late 4th millennium BCE in Susa (Iran) and some ancient sites in Luristan (Iran) and Mesopotamia (Iraq). Copper and tin ores are rarely found together (exceptions include one ancient site in Thailand and one in Iran), so serious bronze work has always involved trade. In Europe, the major source for tin was Great Britain’s deposits of ore in Cornwall. Phoenician traders visited Great Britain to trade goods from the Mediterranean for tin. Bronze is one of the most innovative alloys of mankind.
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