Bronze Garden Sculptures:

How is a bronze sculpture made?

The creation of a bronze sculpture starts with a good idea and a sketch on paper, then a 3D model in clay. This gives and idea of the right proportions for the sculpture. The next step is a silicone mould to start the casting process.

The silicone mould preserves all the details of the original clay model. When a sculpture is too big to be casted in one piece several smaller moulds are made and afterwards they are assembled. The mould is covered in wax and submerged in liquid plaster, when dry the casting can begin

The metal is melted at a temperature of approximately 1200° C. Once the bronze is liquid it is casted into the mould and the liquid bronze replaces the wax inside the mould. Once the bronze is cooled down the plaster is removed and the bronze sculpture will emerge. When it is a larger sculpture several pieces will have to be welded together.

Finally the bronze sculpture will receive its colour. Naturally the bronze is yellow or orange but when we treat it with certain chemicals the colour will change. Most of the time bronze has a brown, black or green patina but several other options are available.