Skagerak Drachmann

The Drachmann garden furniture collection from Skagerak is the embodiment of the classic Scandinavian garden furniture design. The timeless furniture classics with the unmistakable cross in the back, meanwhile has several decades behind it but still counts to the most impressive furniture of the manufacturer Skagerak. The design of the Drachmann garden furniture was coined by Bernt Santesson.

The Drachmann furniture consists of teak wood or of white lacquered, FSC certified gum wood. With its high quality material and the special treatment or the five-level coating process the furniture is suitable for interior or exterior areas.

Skagerak Selandia

The selandia range is designed around the proud traditions of maritime craftsmanship. the designers have gone to town on detail, with a focus on comfort, flexibility and function. selandia is elegant yet practical as the furniture can be folded up when not in use.

Skagerak Parasols

Skagerak Loungers

Skagerak Teak