There's nothing like the feeling of putting on your favourite outfit and what's even better is when you decorate it with a few finishing touches - so while you're at it, why not splash out on a few accessories?

From makeup bags to umbrellas, our Ladies Accessories section is full of luxurious wardrobe must-haves with an artistic twist. So if you're on the lookout for some unique, creative and striking prints to truly upgrade your style, take a look at this sophisticated selection that you can draw a little inspiration from...

Almond Blossoms Handbag by Vincent Van Gogh

An evocative piece that you can subtly match with your wardrobe favourites, this classic, high quality print is full of life and vitality. Perfect for taking to both formal and informal occasions, you can switch up this versatile bag wherever you end up - day or night!

Flower And Butterflies Umbrella 

The best way to freshen up your wardrobe when the weather turns grey and rainy is with this flowers and butterflies themed umbrella! Bursting with bright, vibrant colour, this print truly looks like it's alive. Perfect for adding a few natural touches to your accessories collection, this is a perfect gift for those who love a jaunt in the countryside.

Lillies By Frieseke Long Scarf

A dreamy, impressionistic piece, this long and lavishly soft scarf is versatile enough that it can be worn with pretty much all your go-to outfits. Perfect for adding a little artistic flair to your summer or winter wardrobe, Frieseke's Lillies is a print that any art lover will relish.

Woman's Large Tote Bag with Mucha Print 

A must-have item with a unique twist that will impress all your friends! This tote bag is not only great for storing pretty much everything when you're out and about, it's also decorated with Mucha's illusory 'Woman with a Daisy' print, giving this lovely item a magnificent makeover.

Makeup Bag Featuring Works By Monet

Why own one Monet when you can have four? This makeup bag is a strikingly unique and colourful addition to your collection and great for anyone who appreciates Monet's impressionistic evocations of the natural world, giving a rich and audacious quality to this lovely accessory.

Gift Sets

The ultimate bundle for any art and culture lover, our gift sets are simply perfect for giving as a gift to your friends or family. Complete with a hand bag, large tote bag, umbrella and free handy bag, you can truly mix and match these great designs with any one of your outfits so you'll never get bored.


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Post By Ed Mason