With Christmas just around the corner, now is the best time to start thinking about giving your home a wintry makeover. To help you transition seamlessly into the festive season, Avant-Garden have put together a few of our luxury, snow-dusted favourites to get you in the holiday spirit!

Sandy Bay White Forest Candle & Reed Diffuser Set

The most effective way of setting the right atmosphere in your living room at Christmas is by starting with a subtle, carefully chosen fragrance. This reed and diffuser set by Sandy Bay is one of the most lavish gifts you will find - transporting you deep into the clearing of a magical snow covered forest. Full of purity and elegance, this fragrance melds sparkling top notes of manderin and bergamot with a fir balsam, eucalyptus and geranium centre.

Snowflakes Painting 3D Metal Wall Art

Looking for a piece of wall art to decorate your home all-year-round? Perfect for any kitchen, living room, porch or similar space, this wonderful piece has a subtle winter theme, making it perfect for Christmas but also suitable for any other time of year thanks to the tasteful and versatile design.


Sandy Bay Winter Spice Potpourri & Room Spritz Spray Set

Nothing creates a cosy, comforting finishing touch quite like a bowl of potpourri. Winter Spice is filled with a beautiful mix of exotic spices, cinnamon sticks, zesty oranges and earthy sandalwood. Complete this sensory experience with a room spritz to freshen up your home with the exact same fragrance as the potpourri!

Archipelago Hand Carved Wooden Birds Dunlin Flock

Winter can be a season synonymous with darkness, so add a little life to your homeware with a flock of beautifully handcrafted Dunlin birds. The perfect gift for any occasion, this is a wonderfully creative piece that takes rustic design cues directly from the natural world.


Rosenheim Sparkling Pine Christmas Tree

Looking for the ultimate seasonal centrepiece? This dazzling Rosenheim Christmas tree features white tipped pine cones for an opulent yet natural look. The slender design makes it perfect for decorating the more awkward spaces of your home.



Post By Ed Mason