If you're looking to give your exteriors a makeover, transforming your garden into a sleek, modern space is something that will always be on-trend. Clean, angular shapes, minimalist designs and simple yet striking colour schemes will never go out of fashion - but where do you start?

Worry not, Avant-Garden will take you through 5 straightforward ways to give your outdoor areas an attractive modern twist...

Use Contrasting Floor Textures & Colours

Any garden redesign should start from the ground up and the way you'll make the greatest impact is with clever contrasting textures and colours. Try using a combination of pale wood decking with fine gravel paths, carefully arranged around smart square areas of grass. Create a great looking decking centrepiece, decorated with a selection of coordinating modern furniture and framed with a white gravel border to finish off the look.

Raised Stone Planters

Modern gardens make use of space in an effortlessly simple and practical way - so try dividing your garden into more intimate spaces with large stone planters. You can choose from smooth stone options that you can paint in the colour scheme of your choice or buy more rustic inspired planters that are comprised of a stacked stone design. Either way, you'll find that you can dramatically reshape and re-imagine the overall look of your garden with relative ease. Aim to use flowers and plants that match or compliment each other to achieve that smart contemporary feel.

Shed Some Light With A Fire Pit

Picking out the right features to suit your new modern garden can be a challenge. Fire pits are great for making the most out of your prized garden space and offer just the right amount of understated style and practicality. Go for a timeless option such as this Cocoon Bowl Gas Fire Pit, available in either black, grey or taupe. When picking out your very own fire pit, ensure that the stone finish corresponds to the other features in your garden to complete the look. If you're stuck for ideas, you can find all our available Gas Fire Pits here.

Choose A Cutting-Edge Colour Scheme

Using subtle shades of greys, whites and blacks will completely reinvent your garden with a sophisticated yet stripped back appeal. However, don't think that your garden has to be a vision of monochrome - you can add a little vibrancy with a splash of colour, making use of orange, cyan and teal cushions to draw the eye.

Invest In A Modern Sculpture

The best way to set an interesting mood or atmosphere is with a carefully chosen sculpture. If you're looking to add some depth and a sense of artistic flair, a well chosen centrepiece can truly finish off your modern garden. Our Modern Bronze Sculpture selection features a range of timeless, weatherproof sculptures with an emphasis on form and abstract design work that will last a lifetime.

Post By Ed Mason